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Our Philosophy

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the most graceful and elegant of all sports!
New York Rhythmic Gymnastics combines elements of gymnastics, ballet,
acrobatics and dance. Our gymnasts master the use of various
apparatus: rope, ball hoop, clubs and ribbon. If your child likes
gymnastics, dance and music, this is the program for her.

Programs offered

  • Beginners 3.5+ year old
  • Intermediate 6-10 year old
  • Recreational
  • Competitive team

Enjoy our Mushrooms' Dance. Feel free to share

Posted by New York Rhythmic Gymnastics on Saturday, June 25, 2016

Classes every

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday 


This class curriculum is fun but challenging and provides an
introduction to the sport through fun technical movement activities
with some rhythmic apparatus (ball and rope). The lessons include
learning technically correct basics in throws, catches, low impact
stretching, balancing, jumping, leaping and dance. The development of
hand/eye coordination is a major component of this class.

The FUN is in the mastery! This class allows students to further
progress and masters the core skills they learned at the beginner
level. Waves, circles, throws and catches of the different apparatus
along with continued development of ballet, flexibility, strength,
conditioning and dance skills. Athletes proficient at this curriculum
may be invited to move to the Competitive Rhythmic Pre-Team
Trial class is always FREE


  • Oksana Vovk – Master of Sport in Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Janna Lipman – Master of Sport in Rhythmic Gymnastics